Resume Writing in 2020

We have all written resumes before, but now the times have changed and many of the resume writing rules we all followed in the past no longer apply. 2020 is a storytelling world and going with the usual phrases like “results-oriented self-starter” will only make your resume look and sound like every other person’s. It is robot language that doesn’t express who you truly are as a worker! In 2019, put a human voice into your resume and break those rules you have stuck by for so long.

Not using the word ‘I’. You can definitely use it in your resume – it is a branding document for you after all.

Using boring jargon. Leave behind phrases like “proven track record of success” and “exceeded all goals” – if you achieved these goals, why not tell us about them? If you have a track record, why not prove this by definition? These phrases are placeholder texts that don’t actually tell the employer anything about your job performance.

No storytelling in the summary section. You can and should compel the employer through telling them a story in your summary. For instance, which of the following is more compelling:

  1. Results-oriented self-starter with a proven track record of success.
  2. I got hooked on web development when I was chosen to design a website for my university society. Since then, I’ve helped my employer increase website traffic by 220% and received a nomination for a web design award.

You need to list all your duties for every job. Instead of listing your tasks and duties, which anyone in that role could have done, tell us about your specific achievements.

List every position you have held. View your resume as a branding document rather than a legal document. Include relevant jobs and leave out anything that is unnecessary.

Fill your resume with keywords. The only time you need to do this is if you are submitting your resume to an automated recruiting system that uses keyword-searching algorithms to find ideal candidates. Instead, tell us your real, human story in your resume.

Break the rules that you must sound like a robot in your resume, and instead show us your real experiences and achievements. Tell a story about who you are and what we can expect from you as an employee – whether you have measurable results or not!