The Key to Mobile App Adoption

It can be frustrating when someone in the office refuses to use your work-based collaboration mobile app no matter how many times you ask them. When it comes to mobile app adoption, what you need is a strong launch, engagement and the agility to adjust its use based on your team’s feedback. Let’s have a look at how you can make this happen.

Launching strong

The way you introduce your new team communication app can impact on the success of its adoption. Launching its use to your team needs to be overwhelming to increase your initial accomplishments, which will then lead to growth and adoption. Your initial efforts will set the pace for growth in use over time. Start with a communication plan – let your team know how they’ll use for their communication, collaborations and project management. If anyone needs training or a little extra help with getting started, be sure to provide this. Once has been downloaded and you’ve put together a passionate group of users, you can then begin using it for all your workplace communications.

Engaging your team

Engagement is so important. When it comes to using any technology in the workplace, your team needs to know how it’ll impact the way they work. Make sure they know that will eliminate the amount of time they spend in their email inbox, waiting for replies and organising communications. Show them how newsletters and team emails will never reach nor engage staff as well as does with its instant messaging and communal noticeboard. Once you show how the effective engagement of your team members will benefit them, you’ll be well on your way to forming a group of adopters.

Staying agile

Bear in mind that your team’s needs change over time. If you’ve put together a plan for how you’ll use, make sure you adjust it over time to maximise results. Fortunately, is very much a one size fits all enterprise app that can rapidly suit the requirements of your unique business and team of employees. is the kind of app that will adapt as your team changes, grows and looks for new means of adding ease to work processes.