Whenever someone finds out that I like to travel by myself, they ask, “But what do you do?” I find
this an odd question because I do exactly what I would do if I travelled with someone else. Just, by
myself. And with more freedom.

Below I’ve outlined some of the perks of solo travel, in case you’re thinking about giving it a go.

Perks of Solo Travel

Change plans at your will. As much as I love putting together an itinerary, I also enjoy the freedom
of waking up and planning my day based on how I’m feeling. Or even spending the day doing
absolutely nothing. It’s harder to do this when you’re travelling with another person – not everyone
is going to be on the same page as you or be willing to spend a lazy day/morning in the hotel.
Sometimes I overestimate my energy levels during the planning stage and find that certain activities
need to be cut from the itinerary. Logistically, it is a lot simpler when you don’t need to take another
person into account.

It’s easier to get tickets. One of the perks of solo travel is that you can score illusive, hard-to-get
tickets. While I was in Croatia during my last trip, I wanted to visit Lokrum Island. The only problem
was that I hadn’t booked tickets in advance, and the ferries were full for the rest of the week.
Despite this, the next day I decided to try again. Upon reaching the front of the line, I was told that
there was one space available if I was interested. This was a pleasant surprise that I would have missed
if I had not been alone. Buying single tickets can also increase your chances of getting a better seat.
It’s easier to find space for one, than for a few people!

Skipping the queue. I love theme parks – especially Disney ones. Most people can’t imagine going to
a theme park without friends, but there are some perks if you do it alone. Theme parks like
Disneyland and Universal Studios have a ‘single rider line’. I use these extensively because they allow
you to skip the queue and be slotted in when a ride has a spare seat. On busy days, this could save
you over 90 minutes on the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios! Similarly, I’ve found that I
can skip queues at restaurants by dining alone, as I can squeeze into the corner or take a stool at the

Just remember, while travelling solo can seem strange, or you feel like everybody is judging you, this
isn’t true. And with the wide availability of Wi-Fi, you can always chat with your family back home if
you’re feeling lonely. Or even pick up a book or two!

Happy travels.